Our obligations to our customers are

  • Our team will always welcome your inquiries and discuss with you any issue or problem you might face.
  • We will react immediately to any problem.
  • By utilizing the most advanced video conferencing- and webinar technologies we are able be at any time by your side.
  • You can anytime submit an online request to be called immediately by us for free with world wide coverage.
  • You will always receive a full explanation of the charged amounts and the corresponding services/effort made.
  • The key persons will remain unchanged during the entire duration of any project.
  • The online monitoring of the project status will be possible in any project.
  • Progress reports (including risk assessment) will be communicated periodically during the entire duration of any project.
  • You will have 24X7 access to our online knowledge base, the bug tracker, the forum and the blog.
ULTRA4 Advanced Information Systems

Outsourcing Services

Customers outsource to ULTRA4 services in the areas of Software Development, IT Consultancy and Project Management. Our consultants speak English, German, Greek and Dutch and can operate European-wide.

Our outsourcing approach focuses on continuous customer communication. In this way, the customer has control over the entire process. In particular, we offer:
  • A RUP-based Software Lifecycle Approach, which has is adjusted to the needs of outsourcing (as simple as possible, including customer feedback cycles)
  • Usage of online web-based tools for continuous participation and monitoring by the customer
  • West European-style project management by executives that have gained their experience in the German, Dutch and English IT market  
  • Near-shore outsourcing conditions (combination of highly skilled personnel with eastern European low cost of labor)
  • Communication in any of the languages English, German, Dutch and Greek
  • High-speed connection infrastructure
  • Fixed price per project, based on effort estimation agreed with the customer.

Training and know-how transfer

Our training team is flexible and can operate European-wide in order to provide IT professionals with know-how in the following domains:
  • Software architectures
  • Software design
  • Software development techniques (OOP, Design Patterns, MDA, SOA, AOP)
  • Model Driven Architecture
  • Software engineering process frameworks (UltraCore Software Lifecycle Platform, Rational Unified Process, Agile Software Development)
  • Enterprise software development in Java EE
  • Enterprise software development in .NET
Our trainers speak English, German, Greek and Dutch.
ULTRA4 Advanced Information Systems
By using advanced web conferencing - and webinar technologies, the know-how transfer can be done also without the physical presence of an ULTRA4 trainer at the customer's premises. This implies a decrease of the training costs up to 50%!

Product-related Consultancy

Consultancy at the customer’s premises aiming to introduce, educate and supervise a development team in using an ULTRA4 product within a real-world project.

The consultancy ends up with the transfer of the complete know-how of the product source code to the team. Also the methodology on how to extend the source code is transferred to the team.

The purchase of an ULTRA4 product in combination with consultancy implies a decrease of the original product price up to 50%!

The consultancy can be optionally combined with project success guarantee and with an inexpensive Golden Support Agreement that offers advice to the members of the team on any question might arise after the completion of the development phase and all the new releases of the product for free.

By using advanced web conferencing- and webinar technologies, the consultancy described above can be done also without the physical presence of an ULTRA4 consultant at the customer's premises. This implies a decrease of the consultancy cost up to 40%!

Customized Business Solutions

Whether as main- or subcontractor, ULTRA4 undertakes the end-to-end or partial execution of demanding projects on behalf of small, medium or large enterprizes, organizations and the self-employed.

Together with our customers we work out the solution that maximizes their competitive advantage and implement it in the most efficient way.

Out team possesses extensive know-how on all three leading web technology platforms Java EE, .NET and PHP. We are therefore able to provide the most adequate technology mix depending on project size, domain complexity, technological preferences of the stakeholders, etc.

ULTRA4 covers all the disciplines of modern project management and applies on demand its own software engineering framework UltraCore Software Lifecycle Platform (UCLP) and its products UltraCore, UltraTelecom and UltraIntegration in order to achieve results at a faster pace and lower price than its competitors.
ULTRA4 Advanced Information Systems

Golden Support

Whether during project execution or after project completion, the Golden Support is an integral part of our daily work.

Nothing is too extreme when it comes to serve our customers. Any problem that occurs is a personal challenge for our team, a harmonious dissonance in our daily schedule and we do not rest until it is solved!

You will never hear any excuses from us. We simply take all the issues that arise as a personal priority and work systematically to restore harmony in our and your working environment!

Our Golden Support is based on the following fundamental principles and best practices:
  • immediate reaction to any question/problem
  • request to be called immediately by us for free, with world wide coverage
  • use of video conferencing and webinars for immediate discussions on any issue
  • access to our online knowledge base
  • blogging and forum on important subjects of our products
  • online registration of problems, bugs and suggestions

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