The cloud based system has been developed together with our customer Saneco, which is a leading provider of Pest Control services in Greece.

The procedures Saneco uses for its main industrial customers used to be totally manual - a worker would have to stop by once a week or once a month to check if any mouses/rats had been unlucky enough to be caught in a given trap.

What happens during that other 29 days of the month? Do you really know that nothing’s happening? With the digital traps, you do know!
said George Xagaras.
  • Saneco's smart traps send real-time data back to the ULTRA4 IOT cloud solution, detailing whether they’re detecting nearby motion, and whether the trap has been activated.
  • The units are powered by rechargeable batteries of various size, and can also send warnings when they’re low on power or otherwise need maintenance.
  • The networking is based on LORA technology, providing a low energy consumption environment with still covering large distances. The LORA network is connected to the ULTRA4 cloud with a local gateway.
  • Multi tenant system

Apart for using the system for Saneco themselves, a joint operation between ULTRA4 and Saneco has started to provide a cloud solution for possible other Pest Control companies.

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