Comprehensive and Proven Platform for Enterprise Digital Transformation. We create fully custom industrial IOT-based solutions for all industry sectors.
At the core of the solution is the thingsboard IOT platform, enriched with all the business features of our UltraCore platform. Together this provides a wealth of features.

Predictive Analytics

Real-Time Dashboards

Machine Learning Algorithms

Workflow Enabled Processes

Examples of our Custom IOT Implementations

  • Stay informed whether you power production plant is in full operation and make sense of undue changes
  • Know the economic gain of your production plant at any time

PVLOG is a logging and monitor system for photovoltaic panel installations. A complete system to see the power generation function of your PV plant. Very simple to use, no need to install on a computer or mobile. You just need using any browser.

  • Easy installation of different applications suggested to users based on their needs.
  • Applications designer which allowed users to create their own dashboard applications
  • Integration of third party applications under a common marketplace

In Waternomics project, which was funded by EU under the FP7 programme, ULTRA4 designed and implemented the Waternomics applications marketplace.

Pest Control
  • Saneco's smart traps send real-time data back to the ULTRA4 IOT cloud solution, detailing whether they’re detecting nearby motion, and whether the trap has been activated.
  • Multi tenant system

The cloud based system has been developed together with our customer Saneco, which is a leading provider of Pest Control services in Greece.

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