Platform for the development of applications that can be accessed via multiple channels


Platform for the development of applications that can be accessed via multiple channels


The intended audience of UltraTelecom (UT) is:

1. Software companies that aim to deliver multi-channel Portal Sites.
2. Companies that aim to setup and host multi-channel Portal Sites on behalf of end-customers.
3. Companies, organizations or individuals that need their own multi-channel information portal.

UT delivers access to applications, over telecommunication channels like phone and SMS. It allows for the creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, with integrated Text-To-Speech (TTS) capabilities. UT also supports request/response and subscribe/inform SMS applications. Additional available channels are e-mail and fax.

It comes with out-of-the-box modules to access via phone and SMS the news and announcement applications of portals created with the UltraCore product of ULTRA4. Finally it includes full PBX features and is accessible over VOIP.

The basic competitive advantages of the product are

  • Support for Phone/SMS/Fax/E-mail.

  • Fully programmable PBX for telephone/voice solutions with support for VOIP.

  • Based on the digital telephone capabilities of the open source software Asterisk®, one of the most powerful PBX solutions.

  • Platform for high quality IVR and TTS applications with support for embedding different TTS engines, out-of-the-box support for Microsoft’s SAPI-5 and open source FreeTTS.

  • Fully integratable with UltraCore, hence providing a powerful platform to rapidly create advanced customized multi-channel e-business applications and information portals.
For more information please download the UltraTelecom brochure. the UltraTelecom data sheet, or contact ULTRA4.

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