The innovative end-to-end platform for the development of multi-tiered Business Web Applications


The innovative end-to-end platform for the development of multi-tiered Business Web Applications


UltraCore (UC) is best suited for software companies and IT departments of companies and organizations that aim to deliver advanced web based enterprise applications. Built on top of the Jave EE platform, it completely hides its complexity while fully leveraging the advantages of this technology.

With UC any developer can become productive in developing web apps within shortest time regardless of whether they are familiar with web-related technologies or not. The only prerequisites for developers who want to use UC are basic knowledge of the Java Programming Language and Relational Databases.

How is this possible?

UC developers follow the UltraCore Code Model; that is a predefined source code outline with associated software infrastructure that
  • provides a high degree of technological abstraction; i.e. it offers out of the box all the architectural concepts and the entire software infrastructure needed by modern business applications, while it completely hides technology-specific aspects like EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, HTML, etc.
  • seamlessly connects all the 3 tiers of a web application, providing in this way an end-to-end development without logical or technical "breaks" among the tiers
  • is easily extendible by web-technology-aware developers, preventing therefore development teams from annoying lock-in effects
Based on real projects in different industrial sectors, it has been calculated, that - compared to conventional web development and to development with comparable web frameworks - approximately one third (1/3) of the human resources are needed when using the UC platform for development. As far as the completion time is concerned, the improvement factor ranges between 2 and 4.

For more information please download the UltraCore brochure, the UltraCore data sheet or contact ULTRA4. For an overview in German language please download the document Die UltraCore Plattform auf einen Blick.

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