The ULTRA4 Development Suite is a modular platform for the development of advanced web based business software. It is based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) principles and the Java EE platform. By building a layer “around” Java EE, it completely hides the complexity, while fully leveraging the advantages of this technology.

The Development Suite enables software companies to build highly scalable and cost efficient IT solutions at a faster pace than the competitors (2 to 4 X faster/cheaper when compared to other frameworks currently available in the market).

The suite is also applied by ULTRA4 for the rapid implementation of outstanding custom solutions at affordable prices. It consists of the products: ULTRA CORE / ULTRA TELECOM / ULTRA INTEGRATION

For an overview of the key benefits of the ULTRA4 Development Suite please download our brochure.
  • Full Transparency for DevOps
  • Workflow Engine (JBPM)
  • Cloud Enabled Deployment
  • Responsive GUI’s

UltraCore is best suited for software companies and IT departments of companies and organizations that aim to deliver advanced web based enterprise applications.

  • Multi Channel Portals
  • Dynamic IVR Apps
  • Embedded Text To Speech

Platform for the development of applications that can be accessed via multiple channels.

  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Unified Data Model

UltraIntegrate is best suited for companies that aim to deliver integration solutions.

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