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ULTRA4 has developed a full featured realtime text to speech server, as part of its UltraTelecom platform. The server is a multi threaded environment that can handle large amounts of simultaneous requests for text to speech transformations. It is build in Java and can therefore run on most operating systems. It works together with our UltraTelecom IVR features. An IVR menu can directly make a call to the TTS server that will produce a dynamic sound file and can be played live back to the caller. The TTS server supports templating in order to mix predefined text with variables retrieved from for example the database. The templating solution also provides conditional statements as well as loop and other advanced programming statements. The TTS server can run either on the same server with a telephone IVR server, or on a different one for maximal distribution of load.

The low level TTS converter that is being used, is pluggable in order to support all kinds of TTS providers. At the moment, we provide standard Loquendo and Cepstral engines. These engines support all major languages among which English (UK),  English (US), German, Greek, Italian, French, Dutch etc.

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