The UltraCore realtime engine supports pushing realtime events to the browser. The technology behind the realtime implementation uses a dedicated connection between the browser and the server. The dedicated connection is used to stream realtime events directly to the client. The engine can work both in streaming and long polling mode (Comet style). The best possible protocol is automatically determined by the framework, depending on the browsers capabilities. Implementing realtime...

UltraCore has based itself on a new form of Model Driven Architecture. This aims to provide a domain constraint model at the code level.Thus, within the UltraCore approach, the actual PIM model of an MDA approach moves to the code layer. The code layer directly allows for definition of constraints on the data. This is achieved by having a MetaData implementation on the data, via a flexible constraint API. With this, the data carries its own meta data with it, and thus is fully self...

UltraCore is a unique end-to-end platform for the development of multi-tiered Business Web Applications that has been developed by ULTRA4 on the basis Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 of its many years of project experience in J2EE and application development. The platform is steadily extended and improved based on the experiences and needs of real-world projects.UltraCore is based on the J2EE architecture and provides a cross-layer abstraction from...

With presentation templates, UltraCore achieves the capability to define a main application layout, that will be applied to all or certain application pages. The goal was to be able to define a presentation layout in plain HTML and CSS, without the need of any dynamic code inside. Also it would be possible to re-use templates between different applications, in this way creating a web template market, where different templates can be directly applied to an application, to create a completely...

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