Thursday, 19 January 2017


A website developed
with php, multilanguage
(German, English, French)

A content management
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

A content management,
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

University of Twente,
The Netherlands
The World Class
Maintenance Community Site:
A Web 2.0 platform for the
collaboration of a world-wide
maintenance community,
multilanguage (NL, EN),
based on Joomla!
Web 2.0 platform
with an integrated
customer section

Websites development based on php and Joomla! templates

During the past years ULTRA4 has designed and developed various websites and content management systems based on Joomla! and php technology. The usage of Joomla! templates and tools make it possible to develop content management systems in a short time, considering also the budget limits of the customer. We apply web and accessibility standards conform with the W3C guidlines. Our websites are compliant with all major browsers.

Development of content management systems and web 2.0 platforms The content management system allows the website's information dynamically to be inserted and updated and allows for easy content publishing. Development of web 2.0 platforms using Joomla! technology includes for example:
  • Website design and development in general
  • Menu navigation
  • Content (text) insertion and editing.
  • Photo galleries, creation of videos
  • Blog implementation
  • Forum implementation
  • News sections
  • Integration of secure parts into the website (login protected)
  • User management
  • Mass emailing
  • Integration of Document Management Systems
  • Integration of Ticketing or Bug handling systems
  • Adding e-Commerce functionality
  • Contact forms
  • Calendar updates
  • Call back service
  • RSS feeds
  • Hotel booking systems
  • Multilanguage implementation
  • and much more....