Thursday, 19 January 2017


A website developed
with php, multilanguage
(German, English, French)

A content management
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

A content management,
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

University of Twente,
The Netherlands
The World Class
Maintenance Community Site:
A Web 2.0 platform for the
collaboration of a world-wide
maintenance community,
multilanguage (NL, EN),
based on Joomla!
Web 2.0 platform
with an integrated
customer section

Manage your website's content on your own

For website owners, an important issue is to learn how to maintain the site content. In gerenal, websites are not static but evolve steadily in order to meet the market needs. Uploading photos or pictures as well as changing parts of articles, even adding new menu items and changing the menu navigation can be managed by our customers on their own. Customers learn to add languages and to translate content items into different languages. Onsite training, webinars and education material are provided by our service. The training enables the customers to save time and money for content updates while keeping the website up to date.

User manual User manuals are created together with the website explaining how to maintain its content. The user manuals are designed in an easy to follow way and are dedicated to the main focus of the website (media, news articles, content editing).
Phone and email During office hours we are available for direct support by phone or email, please don't hesitate to contact us. We provide a call-back service allowing our customers to call us on our expenses.
Webinar We have the possibility to invite you for online collaborative meetings and educational sessions. Our advanced conferencing software allows for online presentations, with audio and video capabilities.