The MDA approach of UltraCore

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UltraCore has based itself on a new form of Model Driven Architecture. This aims to provide a domain constraint model at the code level.

Thus, within the UltraCore approach, the actual PIM model of an MDA approach moves to the code layer. The code layer directly allows for definition of constraints on the data. This is achieved by having a MetaData implementation on the data, via a flexible constraint API. With this, the data carries its own meta data with it, and thus is fully self describing.

This approach has the huge advantage, that processes that operate on the data, can directly inspect the constraints, and operate automatically because of this knowledge. For example, a validator object can inspect mandatoriness of the fields, and then check these fields for values.

It is this RichData approach, that is at the center of UltraCore. This also sets the stage for perfect integration of all the application layers (business, presentation, data). Since they all deal with the same data/meta-data API, they are all perfectly informed about the data and its constraints, and do not need separate configurations or settings of any kind.

We at UltraCore development call this the Unified Data Model, achieved by RichData Objects.