Thursday, 19 January 2017


A website developed
with php, multilanguage
(German, English, French)

A content management
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

A content management,
system, multilanguage,
based on Joomla!

University of Twente,
The Netherlands
The World Class
Maintenance Community Site:
A Web 2.0 platform for the
collaboration of a world-wide
maintenance community,
multilanguage (NL, EN),
based on Joomla!
Web 2.0 platform
with an integrated
customer section

How to integrate external java applications into the Joomla! based content management system?

There are mainly 2 issues when external applications have to be integrated with Joomla:

  1. Single Sign On: Two applications with two different user management systems have to be synchronised.
  2. Layout mapping: The embedding of an external system smoothly into the Joomla! system.

With ULTRA4's Java based UltraCore platform we have the flexibility to solve exactly these 2 issues and to map java applications fully inside a Joomla website / webapp.

The following is an example of the integration of the UltraCore based Callback request application into the Joomla's customer section:

Single Sign On: between Joomla! and the UltraCore application Callback request: After successful login into the customer section of our website the UltraCore module is opened automatically - no second time login is needed.

Layout mapping: The UltraCore apps layout can be
adapted similar to that of Joomla since full control of style settings is available and UltraCore supports web templates similar to the Joomla template technology.